Sunday, August 30, 2009


Need your computer worked on or papers sorted?

How about a tune-up for your sewing machine?

We have a little climber that would love to help with all your needs, as long as there's a chair to climb up on.

She's discovering a whole new world.

Make room for baby - it's hard to believe she fit in this just a year ago.

totally random, I know - her new hair-do


Who would have thought that a scrub brush, some flour, and some baking utensils could be so much fun? I actually think her new point-of-view is what she likes so much. She has been climbing onto every chair she can the past few weeks.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


My dad and Jared got a free T-shirt size 2X with a lovely (not) picture of Denzel Washington on it. Naturally, I made pajamas for Chess out of it.

I used some old fabric my grandmother gave me for the applique. Chess has been loving stars lately and always points them out to us, so I put some stars on the PJs just for her.

the pants version

looking so adorable (that is Chess's new bed in the background, but it's before we put it in her room for her to sleep on).

the shorts version (she's dancing here)


I have been wanting to make Chess a quilt and I finally did it. I bought most of the material new for this project, but the cost wasn't too bad. I used a sheet for the back. This was my first time really quilting (not just tying the quilt with yarn) and my little sewing machine had a hard time. I didn't buy a walking foot for the machine and just "winged it." There are about a million bumps and folds in the fabric that a professional would laugh out loud at. But for me and my 16 month old, we like it just fine.

Chess wanted to help me put the finishing touches on.

See, she likes it!

a close-up

I'm kinda proud of my mitered corners - I looked up on You Tube how to do it.

It's all ready for her to use on her new (to her) big girl bed when the weather cools off. We put her on a full mattress on the floor last week and she's doing great! She only fell asleep on the floor once and she rarely cries. We put a gate on her door so she can't come out. She is such a good sleeper and sleeps all night on her bed. She looks so tiny on it, but she is growing up so fast!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Shirt

I have had the desire to create lately, so I have been going through my list of things I've been wanting to make. I have been using fabric from my stash and repurposing old clothes so that I don't spend a ton of money. I think this may be my version of nesting. Not much cleaning is getting done, but a lot of sewing. So get ready for many posts on things I have made.

a little shirt -
This was my first time doing smocking. I don't know what I was scared of. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

my little model

We were at the local farmers' market.

Daddy retrieving my little model.

Want some Cheerios?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just reading the paper...

I love this one because she really is "reading."

Ellie's Birthday Party

The party was at a friend's pool - it was a beautiful and fun day!

The hot tub was not heated, so it made the perfect kiddie pool!

I love her face here.

Unlike at Emma's party, I actually got a picture of the birthday girl this time.

I love this picture.

Check out Jared's landing in the background - he flipped and didn't even go under with all those tubes!

Friday, August 7, 2009

G Braves

My dad got us some great tickets in his company's box seats. It is the only way to watch a baseball game with a toddler as far as I'm concerned. When she got tired of watching the game and eating ice (which kept her occupied for some time) she was able to play around in the air- conditioned room with her cousins. All had a great time! Thanks, Dad!

the fam

hmmmm....Spongebob or baseball? An easy choice for these kids.

Big Rick taking pictures

27.5 weeks pregnant and enjoying the air-conditioning

Amy and little Will

me and my Momma

eating her ice and getting soaked (I see you, Andrea)