Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie Night

I love having a child who can sit and watch a movie with me and Jared before bed.  It's a fun treat for all three of us.

The Old Switcheroo

Sometimes the big sister wants to sit in the high chair and baby sister wants to sit in the booster seat.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yellow River Game Ranch

As a last-minute thing, Stacy and her kids came with me and my girls to the Yellow River Game Ranch.  The sign states: "Like a zoo, but better!"  Ummm, not quite, but we enjoyed it.  About twice a year, they have $1 day, and this was one, so it made it all the better.

Riding in the van together to have a fun day.

It was a cloudy and chilly day, but luckily, it did not rain on us.

First animal siting: a peafowl.  We learned only the males are called peacocks.  They had a lot of these.  We even saw some in a tree!

Bailey and Halle loved helping me with the girls, and I was glad they did.

Chess got to feed a deer.

Look at this little fawn, and the sweet smile on Chess's face.

Bailey was so happy to see the bison.  That is her favorite animal.

Lera was pointing and "talking" the whole time.

Personally, I think the game ranch should invest in some new walking paths.  The ones they had were crooked and cracked, and the mud was just plan nasty.

All the kids.  Chess is grimacing in quite a few of the posed pictures.

This is where Georgia's groundhog, General Lee, lives.  Only a couple of weeks until his big day!

It was smelly and muddy, but we had a fun time.  Thanks, MacPhersons, for coming along!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowed In

Last week we were snowed in.  All week.  The snow started Sunday night, and Jared drove to work in it Monday morning to find the place deserted.  He came back soon after.  Tuesday morning the roads were all ice.  Our neighborhood road (on a hill) was not passable for vehicles without 4-wheel drive until Thursday afternoon.  And that was only during the day while the sun was melting some of the ice, which made the road safer.  The same goes for Friday, but it was much better by then, because the temperature actually went above freezing!  This is crazy for Georgia - unheard of, even.

Thankfully, Jared was able to work from home.  We had power, and we were warm, safe, and healthy.  We even had food storage when our milk and bread ran out.  Now, here are a ton of pictures of what we did while we were snowed in.


Got inside the dryer:

Played, of course:

Look at this little cutie.  She did not like walking around in the snow because she would fall down.  She was just fine to stay in the garage.

Look at that face.  She is my very own porcelain doll.

Made finger paint*:

*see here to make your own

Made and ate snow cream:

Played some more:

Went sledding:

Ate snow and ice:

Looked stinkin' adorable:

Built forts:


Drank hot chocolate:

Spilled hot chocolate and broke glass:

Made a snow slide:

Gorgeous girl.

The snow is now gone (mostly).  It was fun.  A lot of fun.  But we southerners have had more than our fair share of the white stuff for the year.  Bring on the sun!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

I heard about a New Year's celebration for families pretty close us, so we decided to give it a try.

It helped that the weather was absolutely perfect - about 60 degrees and sunny that day.

We walked around and enjoyed people-watching and letting the girls run about.

They had some beautiful Christmas decorations out.  It was nice to see the lights once it started to get dark.

Lera let me pick her up and snuggle for pictures, but Chess didn't.

I had fun experimenting with the camera while the girls were munching on some cookies.  My blue-eyed girl.

I'm not sure if Lera's eyes are gray, green, or hazel, but they are so unique and pretty.

Blurry picture, but look at that expression.  Is she two or 12?!

They did fireworks to celebrate the new year at 6:00 pm.  Genious!  Our girls cried, but I thought it was fun.  Chess likes to reminisce by saying, "Remember when we saw fireworks and we cried because we were scared?"  Yes, Chess, I remember. :)