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Callaway Gardens 2012

We made it for our annual visit to Callaway Gardens and had a good time.  We barely made it before February was over.  The Saturday we went was overcast and started sprinkling while we were there, but that didn't slow us down, and it was still lovely.

Eating some lunch upon arrival.

Waiting to watch the "Birds of Prey" show.

One of the feathered friends we met - a cute and tiny owl.

Beginning our walk.

How big is your wingspan?

Chess and Lera are about the size of peregrine falcons.

Momma is a great horned owl,

and Daddy is a bald eagle.

Our sweet butterflies.

Pointing out some butterflies.


We took time to smell the flowers.

There were actually quite a few things starting to bloom outside.

Cookie break!

We saw some turtles on a log.

In the horticultural center.

Happy to find the hidden bench.

The rain started coming down a little harder at this point.


These were my favorite tropical flowers we saw, but I don't know what they're called.

Thank you for free February, Callaway Gardens!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My amazing dad won some tickets to the circus, and he was so generous to give them to us.  We loved it.

Walking to the Phillips Arena entrance

Me and my girlies

Getting set up and ready in our seats.  It was pretty neat that we were in these chairs instead of the folding seats b/c 1. We were right on the rail, so no one was in front of us.  2.  We could scoot the chairs up to the rail, as well as away from other people a little (I don't like being quite so close to others).  3. No one walked in front of us the whole time.


I bought some glow stick toys at the dollar store and brought them with us.  $1 each as opposed to $20. Yes, please.

I also brought the girls suckers (a rare but favorite treat).  The cheapest treat at the circus was $10.  No thank you.

These guys were our favorite.  I gasped out loud quite a few times.

We had so much fun!  Thank you Daddy and Momma for giving us the tickets!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Things Valentine

We made these heart butterflies.  The girls had so much fun playing with them that they got destroyed quickly.

A Valentine for the birds - instructions found here.

Valentine's morning goodies

Starting a new tradition - candlelit dinner on Valentine's Day.  The girls were beyond excited for Jared to see it when he got home from work.

It was delicious!  And the girls stayed in their seats for the whole meal (that is a rarity - Lera is usually up after 2 minutes).

Chess took this picture of Jared and me.

I made these cute pops for my nieces and nephews.

Chess helped me make heart-shaped sugar cookies.  She thinks flour tastes good.  Silly girl.

Bean bag toss game for our cousins Valentine's party.

Practicing for the "cookie walk" before the cousins got here.

They're here!

Lera doing the bean bag toss.  She would wind-up like she was going to throw it, then run up and put it in the bucket!

Chess pinned the nose on the puppy perfectly!

Cookie walk

Holy sprinkles.

We ended the party with hot chocolate with homemade heart marshmallows and then some playing outside.

Love you sisters and kiddos!