Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Lera

Here is our new little bundle:

Lera was born on Sunday, October 25 at 9:42 am. She was 20 3/4 inches, and weighed 9 lbs - a whole pound and a half less than Chess! Yay!

My labor this time was an hour less than it was with Chess: only 3 hours. Jared is looking into how to deliver a baby for our next kid, just in case. :)

I was 8 cm dilated when I got to the hospital, just like I was when I had Chess. I don't think the check-in nurse really believed I was in labor till she checked me because my contractions were only 10 minutes apart and not consistently strong.

The main difference with this delivery is just how fast she came out. It took a total of 10 minutes and 2 contractions right on top of each other to push her out.

Talk about intense. I mean, it was fast, but it sure did hurt.

I am so happy I didn't have to be induced or have any medicine. It was an incredible experience.

Lera is such a sweet and pretty baby. All the nurses kept saying how beautiful she is.

She is nursing well and has been happy and alert for good periods of time.

The only time she is not happy is when she's having some gas pains. I feel so bad for her because I can tell how bad it hurts. If any of you moms have any tips for this, please let me know.

We got to come home from the hospital after only one night, which was great, because I was missing my Chess SO much.

There is a new rule at the hospital that no children are allowed under 15 years old. It's because of the flu(s) and lasts until March.

Chess was so excited to meet Lera. More pictures of that event to come.

Thankfully, I have been feeling really good (just tired) and am able to move around pretty well.

I am so thankful for our new, healthy family of four.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toddler Backpack

I found this tutorial here and thought it was so cute. It was really easy, too. It was the last thing I made before Lera was born. Chess isn't so keen on her backpack yet, but I think it will grow on her.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

18 Months Old

*Baby Lera is here! Stay tuned for a post about her birth. Until then, I had these 18 month pictures of Chess all ready to go!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Festival

Chess met lots of new animals. This goat actually bent way down and sniffed Chess's head after I took this picture!

20 lb rabbit

The camel tried to nibble on her fingers.

goats and sheep

I love the expression on her face here.

I had to put in this pic of the adorable calf. Chess kept saying, "Mooo" and all her other animal sounds.

first time in a jumpy castle - she loved it

She got pretty dirty.

home for the day

How to Make Halloween Cookies

1. Cut out the cookies with cookie cutters.

2. After baking, ice the cookies and the table, too.

3. Taste the icing to make sure it's okay.

4. Eat the cookies. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chess's First Camping Trip

With the fall weather so nice, we spontaneously decided to take Chess on her first camping trip.

When we arrived, all she wanted to do was play in the car.

Then she realized it was more fun to set up the tent, I mean play with the rocks.

She swept up a lot of rocks that day.

on a walk

Whoa! Watch out!

We have often tried to get her to fall asleep in her stroller or this back pack carrier, but have not succeeded until now. No nap plus camping equals one tired girl.

after the walk

She's up and running again.

Good morning! I didn't sleep that great, but she did.

Good morning, Daddy!

with her "monster" (it is actually a pokemon I won in one of those claw machines a long time ago)

morning milk

morning camp fire

walking all around

hanging out while Daddy packs up everything to go home

We sure did have a lot to clean up and wash after only one night of fun and camping!