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Friday, August 24, 2012

Trouble with Scissors

This is a true story about a little girl with a big personality.  Most of you (all 3 of you who read my blog) have probably heard this story from me or from facebook, so feel free to skip it.  It is going here for memory's sake, though.

While at a Joy School meeting at a friend's house, all the kids (about ten 1-5 year olds) were down in the basement playing.  Little did I know there were some big ole scissors on the craft table down there.  One of the moms got called down to help with a "monster," according to some of the little girls.

Is that the face of a monster? :)

That mom came upstairs hand-in-hand with my own little monster, Lera, looking like her hair got caught in a weed-wacker.

I covered my mouth and did a shrill but quiet scream that lasted about 30 seconds.  I picked my monster up and started feeling her hair (what was left of it) and couldn't help but cry a little.

Lots of chunks of hair came out as I examined the damage, not really knowing what to do.

Apparently, she found the scissors, went to town on her on hair (I'm thankful she didn't cut her ear off!) and then started trying to give out free hair-cuts to the other kids.

Some of the girls protected themselves by running away and telling.  One little boy put on a Darth Vadar helmet to guard his blonde locks.  One baby (almost 2-year-old) had a piece of hair missing on top (just a little, thank goodness).  And Chess let Lera take a big cut in the back of her hair before deciding she did not want a new style from the Hair School of Lera.

Oh my.  My spunky girl.  We had several long talks about NOT cutting hair EVER again.  She seems to understand and gets embarrassed whenever someone mentions it to her.

She got her very first professional haircut two days later.

The lady did a great job with what she had to work with.

The sides still have some chunks missing, but overall it is really cute, and you can hardly notice it.

Well, mostly.  :)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still Sewing

I've been busy sewing and creating.  To see what I've made, click on the link below!

My Mary

I have missed my Mary so much.  She came to Georgia and I was so happy to see her!  Our kids had fun together, too.

Until next time, Mary and family!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Olympics

We enjoyed watching the Oympics during the past two weeks.  On the day of the opening ceremonies, our family had our own little olympic games to get ready for the real thing.

The girls helped make some olympic rings.

We have our torch, relay baton, and other needed equipment.

Lera, throwing the javelin.

Chess won a medal in the relay event.

Passing the medal on to her sister.

Lera won for the shot put.

Our neighbor came over to participate in the water balloon toss (did you miss that event while viewing the Olymics?).

Until 2016!

Wordless Wednesday

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Since getting married seven years ago, Jared and I have wanted to buy a gun.  I am happy to say we recently achieved that goal.  We have been to the gun range once with our riffle, and a few weeks ago we got to go shooting with some family and try out our handgun.  Both are Rugers and are .22 calibers.  

My dad has a great friend who let us use his land to do some target shooting.

Chess and Lera were squeezing their earplugs tight for some of the guns.

A great time was had by all.

And afterwards we had pizza.  :)