Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jared!

Chess liked Jared's cake a lot better than she liked her own.

Mary, Jack and Eli

They are only two weeks apart in age, but about 10 lbs apart in weight :)

She was watching Jack and kept getting closer and closer to him.

We miss y'all already and had a great time seeing you!

One Year Old

We are officially the parents of a toddler. This little girl turned one on the 19th and has been walking around more and more everyday.

She does not like to wear bows. This makes Jared very happy.

She is adjusting to drinking whole milk out of sippy cups and no more bottles. She doesn't love it, but it's getting better. She prefers cups with straws so we bought a few of those yesterday.

She sleeps great through the night and has for quite a few months, but I usually "help" her get to sleep. She has been falling asleep on her own for a few days now (for naps and night time), but does much better for Jared than for me.

She still loves to be outside and is looking forward to swimming this summer!

She is getting into the stage where she likes to show off for people who come over and will crawl and roll all around doing tricks in the middle of the floor. She loves to have everyone's attention.

She says several words and knows what they mean: mama, dada, wa-wa (water), dod (dog), baby, bye-bye, and she signs "bath" and "all gone." She also knows where her hair and nose are and will sometimes point them out for you.

She loves babies, bigger kids, and people in general. Sometimes she waves at everyone she sees when we're out.

She's a big girl and is now facing forward in her car seat. She loves it so much better. We have her doctor's appointment next week and will let you know her stats.

She is one loved little girl!

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Birthday

My baby girl is now...

This is the outfit I made her. The bows only lasted a few minutes for pictures.

with her Daddy

with her Momma

the birthday banners I made

and birthday bib

the delicious spread - thank you Mom, Dad and Andrea for making sure we had plenty of food!

enjoying the perfect weather

I'm so glad you got to come, Mary!

Chess was thoroughly entertained.

We're glad Jared's brother and family could make it!

This is the face she made the entire time people were singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

She did not care to eat the cake, only to smash it to smithereens. I gave her some to taste, but she was not interested at all. She liked squeezing it between her fingers.

Thank you everyone for all the thoughtful presents! Chess loves them all. We are putting the money in a savings account for her and saving the gift cards for when she needs something. We are very thankful for everything!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Zillion Easter Pictures

I just decided to post all the Easter festivities together, even though there are a ton of pictures. I can't just choose a few!

Easter Egg Dying

(Her shirt is all wet b/c she likes to drink water and spit it on herself.)

Easter Morning

Spring Jubilee

Chess participated in the Easter egg hunt and got 2 beautiful eggs.

I had to keep her from being stepped on.

It was very crowded.

Chess entertained the lady in front of us by doing this.

No toppa-head, but that's okay.

She likes to hold things in her mouth.

Easter Pictures

Easter Egg Hunt at Nan-Naw and Paw-Paw's

"What do you want me to do?"

"Okay, I got it."

"Thanks for the help, Dad."

"Another one?"