Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How does your garden grow?

For the first time in my life, I have a garden.  I loved planting flowers in the spring when I was little, but I have never really planted anything else.

Except that one time I got a packet of radish seeds in a happy meal, so I planted them and one grew and I dug it up - I was so proud - and waited to give it to Nan-Naw b/c she was the only person we knew who liked radishes, but it spoiled before we could give it to her and my little heart was sad.  (Yes, I know that was a rant and a run-on sentence, but it just seemed to fit.)

So I got my self some pots and some soil and some seeds, and now we have a little container garden!

We actually did plant some radishes!  Jared likes them, but he said ours were REALLY potent.  I've noticed that most of what we have grown has been stronger tasting than what you buy in the store.

From seed we grew radishes (they are super fast to grow), rosemary, sunflowers, some other flower seeds that Chess got, cilantro, carrots, and some pumpkin plants.  From baby plants we are growing tomatoes, mint, and basil.

What's neat about the tomato plant is that I found two baby tomato plants coming up under the momma plant.  So now we have three!

I love have our little garden, and I'm already thinking of some things I want to grow next year.  Strawberries early on (I hear they are difficult to grow, but I'll give it a try), a few pepper plants, and watermelon (my sister has baby watermelons growing and they're so cute!).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 3rd...fireworks?

We have a tradition of walking to the nearby park where our town puts on a firework display on the 3rd of July.

The weather was calling for scattered thunderstorms.  But, of course we went on with our plan, along with lots of family and friends.  We were carrying the usual necessities as we walked: chairs, coolers, and children.

See the ominous clouds in the sky?

After climbing the big hill, and as we were nearing the park, the rain started pouring!

We took cover under some trees to try to wait it out.  Many people rushed past us, heading back to their cars and homes.

We waited about 15 minutes, at which point the water had soaked through all our layers.  Then, we headed back to our house.

Some family left, and some stayed to hang out for awhile and eat the snacks we all brought with us for the night.

I lent out T-shirts to the family who wanted to be a little more comfortable.

It was pretty strange seeing about 8 other people walking around in my shirts.

We had some fun, but were sad we missed the fireworks.  It continued to rain and thunder on and off throughout the night, so they didn't end up doing them.  To see how much fun we would have had, click here to see last year's pictures!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Dad's Birthday

We had a fun family celebration for my dad's birthday last month.  Here are some pictures.

Thanks for a fun time Poppy and Mimi!

The Planetarium

space capsule

some GA wildlife replicas

the coin vortex (I just made that name up)

tree frog

planetarium show


growing up


Thursday, July 5, 2012


My mom came with the girls and me to pick blueberries.  I'm glad, too, because it was more fun and because it takes a long time to pick 5 quarts of blueberries!

I don't know if any of you have ever read the children's book, Blueberries for Sal, but this picture reminds me of it.  In the book, little Sal is supposed to be helping her mother pick blueberries to can for the winter, but after a few steps she gets tired and sits down in a big clump of blueberries and starts eating.  That was my little Lera, too.  It's a cute, older book.  You should read it.

The farm also has pet goats that you can feed.  We brought french bread and carrots and the goats and girls loved it.

Chess was talking to them and making sure all the goats got their fair share.

Lera would get so tickled every time a goat ate out of her hand.  She jumped back in surprise with the biggest grin on her face, and just laughed and got really excited.

The goats even let Chess pet them.  She is quite the animal-lover.

When it was time to go, it was so cute, Lera kept on telling the goats we were leaving.  She didn't want to leave.  She would turn to go, then walk back and say "bye goats!" one more time.  She loved those things, which is funny, because she is not a big animal-lover, as much as Chess is.  It was probably because the goats were behind a fence, so they couldn't knock her down or get too close.

You might think 5 quarts of blueberries is a lot, and it was, but the girls and Jared ate them all in just over a week.  I didn't even make a pie or muffins or anything!  They just ate at least a cup a day each and loved every one.  They are a great price, so we might be going back soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012