Monday, May 23, 2016

End of Year Parties

I was in charge of Lera's end of the year party.  Mrs. Troughton gave the kids awards.  Lera won the "Always ready with a pencil" award because she started wearing a pencil in her hair the way her parapro, Mrs. Moretz wears a pen in her hair.  Also, Mrs. Troughton is retiring.  We got her some special gifts from the class and from just us.  The girls and I made a book of her life.  We feel so lucky to have had her for both girls!

This is at Chess's Brownie party for the end of the year.

And Chess had a great end of the year party for 2nd grade, too.  Mrs. Barron has been such a good fit for her this year.

Mother's Day 2016

The girls made me some amazing gifts for Mother's Day.  We went to eat breakfast at Rabbittown Cafe.  Then we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Gainesville.  It was cute, but very small.  They had some fun lawn games out and huge organic stick sculptures.  Then we went to Helton Creek falls where we played in the water and explored the water fall.  The last stop was Nan-Naw's house to hang out with family and hug my own Momma.

Lera's America Program

The kindergarteners sang their little hearts out at the PTA meeting.  The sang 5-6 songs about America and did a great job!  Lera wanted to wear my Braves visor to match the red, white and blue theme.

Chess's Fairy Butterfly Party

Chess, Lera, and the other girls had a blast at her Fairy Butterfly party!

Chess's 8th Birthday!

Our sweet Chess was not looking forward to turning 8.  7 is her favorite number, so she said she wanted to stay 7 forever.  She wanted to find a way to Neverland, but that didn't work out, so now she is 8.  She had a good birthday though!  I gave her the star sapphire ring that my mom gave me, that belonged to her when she was young.  She also got a jewelry box.  Mrs. Barron led a silly birthday song for her, and I brought the sugar cookies we made to her class.  She wanted to eat dinner at Burger King, so we did.  Then we had ice cream at Baskin Robbins.  Happy 8th Birthday, Chess!

A Little Beach Day

A Few Six Flags Pictures

We have enjoyed going to Six Flags a few times while the weather is still cool.  We have already gotten good use out of our season passes.