Monday, July 13, 2015

Gwinnett Braves Game

We went on a Wednesday night.  The girls got free hot dogs and we had front row seats.

A player from the other team gave Lera his warm-up ball.

Chopper came over to say hello.

He even sat with the girls for awhile!

Dukes Creek Falls

On 4th of July weekend we went on a hike to Dukes Creek Falls.  It was unusually cool - only in the 70s, so the girls even wore jackets.  We hiked about 1.25 miles down to the falls, and as we were on our way back up, the rain started.  It got heavier and heavier until it was pouring!  I was holding Lera's hand and she was not a happy hiker!  She was grumbling and crying the whole way saying how cold and wet she was.  Chess was doing okay until she tripped on a rock and fell.  Jared walked with her and we finally all made it up, just as the rain slowed to a stop and the sun came out!  The girls say the hated the hike, but Jared and I liked it and I don't think we'll ever forget it!

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July!  It is getting to be one of my favorite holidays.  I love dressing up the girls in red, white, and blue.  Our city has the best firework show around and I love our tradition of walking to the park with family.  Jared and the girls enjoy doing a few fireworks of their own, too. 

Saryn came right over to be a part of our family picture. :)

Girls' Trip to Las Vegas

I was able to go on a 5 day trip with some of my best friends to Las Vegas.  It was amazing!  The last time all 4 of us were together was 11 years ago.  We had our hair done at a beauty school, ate at a casino buffet, walked along the strip, went to a variety show, ate good food and desserts, played cards, and went on the hottest hike of my life!  Great memories were made!

Summer Fun