Friday, May 16, 2008

Week 4

I love this outfit.

Chess got all dressed up to go to Heather's bridal shower.

This is how Chess likes to fall asleep-bouncing on the bed with Daddy, with her head back, looking at the ceiling.

Jared has started reading Chess a story every night.

And last but not least...Chess has been smiling at me for about a week now, but this is the first one I caught with the camera! I'm so excited-she is so cute!


Adam said...

awww!! i can't wait to see her smile! she's beautiful!

The Shaws said...

Hi Ali,

Luke loves to bounce on the exercise ball to go to sleep, just like Chess likes to bounce on the bed.

Jake and Lisa said...

Your baby has a beautiful smile :) And I love the picture of her daddy reading to her... so sweet.