Friday, June 6, 2008


This is the first time I've been tagged! Thanks Karlene!

Four things you may not know about me.

*I have a guilty pleasure CD case just for me to listen to when I'm in my car alone (and now, with Chess). When I have a hankering, I put one in and sing very loudly. These CDs include music from artists such as New Kids on the Block, Milli Vinilli, Tiffany, Paula Abdul, MC Hammer, Wilson Phillips, etc.
*This one goes along with the previous one: When I was little I would write down words to songs (like the ones above) so I could memorize them. I'd play my tapes (and even record songs off the radio), listen, stop, write, rewind, over and over till I had it all. Then I would sing along with my words over and over till I had all the words memorized.
*I can't whistle. I've always wanted to, have had pointers from many people, and have tried and tried, and still have not succeeded (oh, I can now whistle loudly with my fingers, but cannot whistle a tune).
*I am extremely clumsy (ok, most of you probably know that already). My family jokes that I am the only person that can spill kool-aid on the ceiling (I really did).

Four places I go over and over again.

*my parents' house
*lately, the doctor's office (for Chess)

Four people who email me.

*Amy and Andrea

My four favorite foods.

*macaroni and cheese (especially homemade)
*ice cream
*funeral potatoes
*crunchy peanut butter

Four places that I'd rather be.

*with Jared
*the mountains
*anywhere on vacation with my family

Four movies I watch over and over again.

*Dumb and Dumber
*Cable Guy
*Groundhog Day
*50 First Dates

Four people I'm tagging.

*Heidi S.


C said...

Oh no. Is that me or Mary Grace. Better be the later because I cant be tagged.

The Shaws said...

Thanks for the tag. It was fun reading your responses.

Laura said...

I love that you spilled kool-aid on the ceiling! What talent!