Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pajama Mama

I recently came across the term "pajama mama." You may ask yourself, as I did, what this means. Simply put, it is a mom who goes out of the house in what could be considered sleepwear. Some people call it appalling, and some people call it the only way to live. I am the latter and think comfort is key. I don't care at all what people think about what I'm wearing while at the grocery store, and I don't really notice what other people are wearing (within reason). I say, as long as everything is supported and no under clothing is showing, you're good to go! So, fellow friends and mothers out there, leave a comment and let me know if you are a pajama mama and wear whatever is quick, comfortable, and close by, or if you get dressed up to go out and scoff at the woman in front of you in the check-out line wearing sweatpants.

*Disclaimer: I was pregnant when this picture was taken!


Libby said...

You know I am a pj momma. I love to be comfy! Who cares what anyone else thinks....I guess you have me to blame for your attitude, because I was your example.
Life is comfortable and enjoy it!
I love you! Your pj momma

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Ok, so I'm not an official pajama mama, but you'd better believe I totally leave the house without make-up on these days! This is a vast improvement from my past life when I used to never wear my hair in a ponytail in public or leave the house without makeup. Interesting what marriage and a baby will do to a girl.

And by the way, if I saw you in a grocery store with sweat pants on, I wouldn't scoff, I'd just think to myself "dang it, I totally wish I was wearing that right now." (As long as they aren't the sweat pants with the elastic around the ankles...just can't do it.

The Shaws said...

That disclaimer made me laugh. I am sort of a pajama mama. The real reason I am is bc I still can't fit in all my old cuter clothes. I know it is sad, but true. I can at least button my pants, but they are so tight that I would rather wear my sweatpants.

Mary said...

I am so a pj mama and i love it. If i go to the store, i will throw on whatever is on the floor and comes off the hanger the quickest, and then when I come home, it is right into my comfy pants! Brett said to me the other day that sometimes he wishes he saw me in a different outfit when he left in the morning (my pjs) Ha ha, oh well.


I was a PJ mom after my first baby because that seemed like the only thing that fit, but now I am trying my hardest not to be a PJ mom. It does make me feel better about myself when I dress up and dont look like I rolled out of bed. I like it when the hubby gets home from work and says wow you look nice. I am enjoying getting dolled up here and there for him. And it also got really old and sloppy for my hubby and friends to look at me......I was not looking too attractive they told me(especially Melody told me that-she is NOT a PJ mama at all). So my public Pjs are Jeans and a Tshirt.... But to each their own. I have been a PJ mama, so I know both worlds now!


I've never been too much of a pajama mama. I'm the dress-up kind of gal (I think it's getting caught up on the girly stuff after all of my tom-boy years) But I've recently turned into a beach mama- no makeup, covered by sunglasses, flip flops, swimsuit under the clothes. Hey, it's easier to squeeze in a shower during nap time than rushing to get ready before going to the grocery store!