Friday, November 21, 2008

A Time of Thanksgiving

Here's a game of tag
That should be great fun,
Count ten of your blessings
Begin with number one.
Count to number ten
Then tag four others,
You can tag your friends,
Sisters, children or mothers.

My ten blessings:

1. My Saviour, Jesus Christ
2. A loving husband
3. A sweet and fun daughter
4. Being a stay-at-home mom, and getting to see Chess grow and develop every day
5. Supportive parents and family
6. Jared's job
7. Our home and everything in it
8. Being healthy
9. Technology that allows me to get information at the click of a button, particularly craft and recipe blogs
10. Walmart

I tag Amy, Andrea, Emily, and Heidi

Just copy the poem above to your blog and add
your ten blessings below the poem.


Clint and Mary said...

I think walmart should be a little higher on your list. :)


LOL! Walmart is on mine....hubbys Job and great deals....but annoying to shop at too...did you tag me heidi or heidi smith...too many heidis! Oh well, I already kind of wrote it out! Thanks for sharing!!