Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chess's First Camping Trip

With the fall weather so nice, we spontaneously decided to take Chess on her first camping trip.

When we arrived, all she wanted to do was play in the car.

Then she realized it was more fun to set up the tent, I mean play with the rocks.

She swept up a lot of rocks that day.

on a walk

Whoa! Watch out!

We have often tried to get her to fall asleep in her stroller or this back pack carrier, but have not succeeded until now. No nap plus camping equals one tired girl.

after the walk

She's up and running again.

Good morning! I didn't sleep that great, but she did.

Good morning, Daddy!

with her "monster" (it is actually a pokemon I won in one of those claw machines a long time ago)

morning milk

morning camp fire

walking all around

hanging out while Daddy packs up everything to go home

We sure did have a lot to clean up and wash after only one night of fun and camping!


libbysupermom said...

Looks like y'all had a blast!

Clint and Mary said...

That is so great that you were able to get a trip in before that baby comes!!! And your BELLY(you are ALL belly by the way)!!! Alison, it doesn't look real. It looks like you stuffed something under your shirt...i don't think you could possible last much longer!

The Thome Family said...

I can't believe you went camping being so pregnant!!! OMG!! There is no way that I would ever be able to do that! Wow, you look so good! It is hard to believe that you are so close to having that baby. Will you be delivering at Northeast Ga?

The Saxton's said...

Sleepy morning Chess makes me just want to squeeze her to pieces!

Megan Bartlett said...

WHAT THE ?!?!?! I had NO IDEA you were expecting again! Congratulations! Did you find out whether it's a boy or a girl? Names picked out yet? When are you due? Gosh - sorry to be such a slow poke in that arena! That's wonderful! Chess is TOO adorable! and good for you for going camping...especially when pregnant! I'm such a priss, I refuse. My idea of camping is spending the night at the Hyatt. ;)