Sunday, November 1, 2009


Chess could not wait to meet Lera when we got home from the hospital. She ran right over to the car seat and kept saying, "baby, baby, baby!"

Here she is rocking the baby.

She was super-excited.

Then she started touching her body parts and naming them.

She could not stop smiling and laughing!

getting acquainted

first family photo

Lera gets lots of kisses. Chess also likes to put her cheek up against Lera's cheek - it's really cute.

This is our first morning together (Don't be jealous of my sleepwear).

Jared had shut our bedroom door so I could rest awhile longer after Chess got up. But Chess came running to our door saying, "Momma, baby, Momma, baby." Of course we let her in to spend some time with us!

This is before I fixed Chess's hair. :)

Lera's kissing back this time!


Happy Halloween!

Momma and girls - I love being a mom.


Katherine said...

Lera is so beautiful and what a fabulous name! Congrats!

libbysupermom said...

Ali--I love the pics! The family one is beautiful! The ones of Chess kissing Lera and the one of you with the girls are my favs! I want copies please....
Hey, I think that is my old big dog sleepwear. It's very comfy!
Love you! Mom

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Your litte girls are so precious! I'm sure Chess is going to be a great big sister. And lucky for Lera, she gets all of Chess's cute clothes! You look like a glowing mother. :)

Kearl said...

I love watching older kids with their new babies.

So tell me about your appliques. I want to make some Thanksgiving pillows. Do you use that sticky iron-on paper stuff and then sew around it? What if the design is small. Like the font on Chess's shirt that says "Big Sister"? How did you sew around that?

Karlene said...

Alison, it was great to see you at our ward social and then to hear that the very next day you delivered this beautiful baby into the world. Did you eat too much chili? Tee hee.
She is absolutely beautiful and Chess seems to be enchanted by the new little life too. Congratulations on your beautiful family.

The Shaws said...

She is so precious!

Emily N said...

She is so beautiful. It is so fun to see them interact! I know when Alice was born I probably reminded Sally to be "soft" about 1254 times a day. Do you get any of that? said...

With those two little dolls, how could you NOT love being a mom? :) I'm very happy for you!