Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Fun: Visiting Santa

Bass Pro Shop

Funny story to go with this picture: As we were walking over to this tree (well, Chess was running) Chess fell down and the fake snow went all over her. She started to say, "Ohhhh, maaaan!" Apparently Jared and/or I say that a lot when something bad happens. It's really cute when Chess says it, and the fact that she knows when it's appropriate to say it. Now, whenever she sees this picture, she can't look at it without saying, "Ohhhh, maaaan!"

Yay - no crying! She kinda liked Santa, I think.

Chess was telling Santa about something. He was very sweet.

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Clint and Mary said...

I love "Oh maannnn!" definitely say it! So great! Looks like the bass pro shop...i guess they do the same display all over the country.