Thursday, June 17, 2010

Renaissance Festival

Andrea and Mikel were kind enough to invite us along to the Georgia Renaissance Festival this year. They go every year, but it was the first time for the four of us. We went on Memorial Day and had a great time and great weather - overcast, but no rain. The little ones got pretty fussy after a couple of hours, but we really enjoyed it. Thanks, Dea and Mikel!

Chess likes to walk sometimes, so the stroller was convenient for her, except on the gravel parts. Lera now fits in the big back pack, and she also took a nap in there.

waiting for a show to start

the show we watched

our *handsome* knight we cheered for in the joust

the Alilisa

This is how Chess fed the goats. She stood two feet away, threw the feed, then ran away. They were crazy goats.

waiting patiently while Chess swings

a very well-spent $3

She LOVED riding this thing.

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libbysupermom said...

I love the Alilisa!! Cute!! Glad you all got to go with Andrea and Mikel and have a fun day!!!