Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowed In

Last week we were snowed in.  All week.  The snow started Sunday night, and Jared drove to work in it Monday morning to find the place deserted.  He came back soon after.  Tuesday morning the roads were all ice.  Our neighborhood road (on a hill) was not passable for vehicles without 4-wheel drive until Thursday afternoon.  And that was only during the day while the sun was melting some of the ice, which made the road safer.  The same goes for Friday, but it was much better by then, because the temperature actually went above freezing!  This is crazy for Georgia - unheard of, even.

Thankfully, Jared was able to work from home.  We had power, and we were warm, safe, and healthy.  We even had food storage when our milk and bread ran out.  Now, here are a ton of pictures of what we did while we were snowed in.


Got inside the dryer:

Played, of course:

Look at this little cutie.  She did not like walking around in the snow because she would fall down.  She was just fine to stay in the garage.

Look at that face.  She is my very own porcelain doll.

Made finger paint*:

*see here to make your own

Made and ate snow cream:

Played some more:

Went sledding:

Ate snow and ice:

Looked stinkin' adorable:

Built forts:


Drank hot chocolate:

Spilled hot chocolate and broke glass:

Made a snow slide:

Gorgeous girl.

The snow is now gone (mostly).  It was fun.  A lot of fun.  But we southerners have had more than our fair share of the white stuff for the year.  Bring on the sun!


Clairissa said...

What a super cute and super fun mom you are. Your girls are so lucky. Love the homemade finger paint! And the idea of using it in the bathtub -- genius! I would think most neighborhoods were undrivable at night -- way too many hills. I know our old one would have been. Glad to hear Georgia is digging out of its storm of the year :) Take care.

Clint and Mary said...

LOVE the pictures! You're girls are so pretty Alison! Makes me want one. Also, we've never used the term "stinkin'", I'll accept it as one of those things you use to express yourself on the computer but never really do it in person, unless its something that you've picked up, which is fine. Lastly, what a great idea to take the finger paint to the tub!!! I can't get over how smart that is! I'm excited to try that one! loves youins:)

The Shaws said...

This post was fun to read Ali!

libbysupermom said...

Ali, I loved all the pics!! This was a fun post to read, just like the Shaw's said!
The girls are so stinkin cute!!! and adorable!!!
Love you all! Mom