Friday, February 11, 2011

Callaway Gardens 2011

We went to Callaway Gardens a few weekends ago.  Remember that weekend it was 70 degrees, sunny, and gorgeous?  It was the perfect day for hiking through the woods, picnicing, and looking at beautiful scenery.  It is free to go to Callaway in January and February.  There may not be much in bloom, but it is still gorgeous.

The girls wanted to look at the water beneath.

Lera wanted to run and be free.

Once we started our actual hike, we put Lera in the backpack.  I thought Chess would do fine walking since it was pretty short.  Well, of course she wanted to ride in the backpack.  Jared carried her for awhile so we could be on our way.

She did enjoy the freedom of walking after the tantrum wore off (and after we promised her she would get a turn in the backpack later).

We always stop on every bridge to throw stuff into the water.

This is in the butterfly conservatory.

The butterflies were moving a lot, so I didn't get any good pictures of them.  The girls loved seeing them.  Lera was pointing and having a great time.

Well, you guessed it.  Chess got her turn in the backpack.

We told my parents where we were going, and they sure thought it sounded like a great idea.  So they went, too!

We ate lunch together.  I am really loving this picture.

This is in the greenhouse.  It has so many beautiful flowers and awesome landscaping in there.

It was a fun, family day.  I think we are making it a family tradition.  See here for our trip last year.


Laura said...

How fun! It's always nice to have some days with really nice weather during the winter months.

Brittney said...

Is it free the entire month of February or just certain days. Matt is out of town this weekend so I wanted to do something fun with the kids. This would be a perfect option where the weather has been so nice this week as well.