Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Accident

From here on out, don't be surprised when you see this face:

My poor little Lera had an accident the other day. We went to the fountain to let the girls run and play and have fun. They did have a great time for about 15 minutes. That is when Lera fell on her face and slid a few inches on her nose. She lost some chunks of skin, so it took awhile for it to stop bleeding. I scooped her up and tried to apply pressure, but you can probably guess how that went. She was more upset about not being able to get back in the water than about being hurt.

It is healing slowly, and we are trying not to touch it much. Just don't be alarmed when you see it in all Chess's birthday pictures, AND Easter pictures to come. We will never forget this well-documented accident, for sure.

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libbysupermom said...

Ouchy....I know that hurt!!! It is looking a lot better now!! I don't think anyone even noticed it when she was with me yesterday. She heals up nicely!