Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hillcrest Orchard

We had such a great time at the apple orchard last year that we decided to go back again this year.

Lera was really excited to be involved in the activities this year.  She was just a baby last year (see link above).

Chess was the perfect size for the John Deere tricycles this year.  She rode them for a long time.

Stacy was so sweet to help Lera.

Lera, jumping with cousin Halle and her friend.

Lera loved this cow.  She did not want to leave her.  Both girls got a turn to milk Buttercup.

On the wagon ride.  This smile is priceless.

Our family.

I love this picture.  Everything about it.

Everyone got involved in the sliding action!  Lera was fearless and continued to climb that big hill by herself and go down the slide over and over again.

Cool picture I got of Lera at the top of another slide.

These were the pedal carts for adults.  Lera HAD to ride and this guy was so nice to push her around the track, twice.  Those things are not light.

Raven enjoyed her first farm experience, too, I think.

Getting ready to watch the pig races.  They were especially entertaining this year since Bob and Halle got to participate!

Sweet sisters sharing a delicious apple cider slushy.  That thing was heavenly (when I could get the girls to give me some of it).

The end.

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