Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Happenings

Well, it hasn't been too winterish around here, but we have still been doing a lot more indoor things.

The girls each made a paper plate snowman since we haven't had any real snow.

Having a little fun with breakfast - use raisins and cheese to decorate toast faces.

Chess is about to enjoy a chocolate muffin she helped me make.  Love her baby blue eyes.

This green onion experiment is all over Pinterest.  Save the white parts after cutting and place in water to put on the window sill.  The onions start regrowing themselves!  It works!  But I only got one growth out of them.  If you cut and use them again, they don't have enough nutrients in the bulb to regrow continuously.

Lera insists on picking out her own clothes.  Almost every day is tacky day at our house.  Stripes on stripes anyone?

Jared took Chess to the Home Depot kids workshop for the first time.  They built and painted this little house that is a bank.  It's really cute and she loves to put money in it!

Enjoying some popcorn for family movie night.  I love that both girls can now sit and watch a movie with us now.

Chess helped me make peanut butter blossom cookies.  She worked really hard unwrapping all the hershey kisses and helped put them on, too.  She also rolled the dough in sugar - these are a great cookie to make with kids.

Girls being silly.

Girls being cute.

A story: We have a calendar on our fridge, and each month has a seasonal or holiday-typed picture.  January has an icy/snowy tree scene.  I told Chess it was almost time to change the calendar to February.  She looked at the calendar, then at me and said, "But it hasn't snowed yet!"  She thought January was supposed to be snowy, and it's no wonder with the crazy snow and ice we had last year.  I'm okay with it, though!

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