Friday, April 13, 2012

Faux Camping

My parents, sister and her family went camping.  We weren't able to camp, but the girls and I went up for the day to get in some mountain time.  It was a bit rainy, but we had fun faux camping!

Playing in Mimi and Poppy's tent.

They found the doggy door!

Playing in the pine needles and dirt.

Raven joined in on the play.

Riding in the back of the truck is a must.


Look at that face of concentration.


After they got tired of sliding, the girls took turns - one going up and one going down at the same time. My dad and I were throwing the frisbee nearby and I kept hearing all these grunts, bangs, giggles, and shrieks coming from inside the tube.  They were climbing over each other and it sounded pretty fun, actually.

Lastly, sitting by the tent eating snacks.  It started raining, so we left. :)  I hear they stayed mostly dry through the night, though.  Thanks for letting us crash your camping party!


libbysupermom said...

Thanks for coming up and visiting! I hate that after I got there you had to leave shortly after.....Love the pics though!!
Thanks for helping put up the tarp over the fire and picnic table!! That was our saving grace with the rain! We were able to cook, have a fire and eat while staying relatively dry! All in all it was a pretty good camping trip...except for the hooting owls at night and early in the morning....hahaha

The Saxton's said...

Glad y'all could come! I love their faces climbing out of the doggy door. Also, I look sneaky in that picture.