Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tallulah Gorge

We made a family day trip to one of Georgia's natural wonders - Tallulah Gorge!

Our first look at the gorge.  Trust me, this picture looks a lot more dangerous than it was.

Yes, it is a very steep drop-off, but that fence is extremely sturdy.

Starting down the stairs.  The girls did awesome.  There were a lot of stairs.

Chess was the first one to make it on the suspension bridge.

Here come the rest of us.

Checking out the view of the gorge.

About to start UP the stairs.  That was much harder.  Notice there are no pictures of us going up. :)  Jared put Lera on his shoulders, but Chess climbed all the stairs by herself.

We went swimming at the beach area after our hike, but I didn't bring the camera with me.  Then we went to the Tallulah Point store afterwards for a few treats.

The girls thought this old guy was pretty funny.

More than happy with some pink stick candy.

Jared and I got bottled cider - mine was cherry and Jared's was apple.

Fun family day!

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libbysupermom said...

Sounds like a fun day!! Wow Chess!! That is a lot of steps for her to do all by herself!! She is one strong little lady! The cider sounds good too! I love that little store...:)