Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wild Animal Safari

Warning: there are many, many pictures in this post!

About to get in our zebra van for our drive through the Wild Animal Safari!

Our handsome driver.

The bars protect us from the wild animals!

A little timid at first.

Lera liked all the animals...from a distance.

The zebras were very pushy!

The giraffes were beautiful, but slobbery!

Me, Chess, and our friend.

Chess was very brave putting food in the animals' mouths.  This is when she got to the end of her bag, so she was dumping the crumbs out.  A second after this picture was taken, the deer pulled the paper bag away from Chess!

Lera liked feeding these little "baby" deer.  She mostly just threw the food out the window.

The vans got a little backed up here.  Look at this huge guy!

Chess's turn to feed him.

Ahhhh!  Buffalo tongue!

Having a picnic lunch after our drive.

Next, we went to the walk-thru area.

There were a lot of these wooden cut-outs, and the girls loved them.

Baby Llama.

Saying goodbye to the baby deer.

We had so much fun at this place!

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Mary said...

What a cool place! How fun!