Monday, May 20, 2013

Surfside Beach

We went on a weekend beach trip to Surfside Beach, SC in April.  Here are lots of pictures from our trip.

We were so excited to get out on the beach!

This is Lera's first time in the ocean.  There was pure JOY on her face the whole time.  Even though the water was cold, she ran right in and rolled around and had a blast.


Chess also LOVED it!

I love all these photos so much.  I'm so glad I could capture these moments.

After about 20 minutes, Lera needed to be warmed up.

Chess wanted to try out the snorkel, but it didn't work out very well.

On our way to dinner at about 6:00, Lera fell asleep in the car.  She was out so hard that she did not wake up in the restaurant, on the way back, or that night in the hotel.  She slept straight through till morning!

I got my yummy crab legs - 1.5 lbs and I ate every one!  So full afterwards.

The next day we went to the pier.

The girls played a few games.

Then we went on a little marsh walk.

Thanks for taking a picture of us, Chess!

Back to the room for lunch.

Into the waves with Daddy.

Warming up with Momma.


Ice creams after dinner.

Last night to sleep in the hotel.

Checking everything out in the morning.

Walking on the beach and collecting shells.

Taking a dip in the hot tub before packing up and heading home.

Good-bye pelicans!  Time to drive home!

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