Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Day in the City

We were generously given some tickets to see Sesame Street Live at Phillips Arena, so we decided to make a day of it.

We parked near the CNN center and got our tickets.


We went to the Georgia Aquarium - it was our first time there.

The dolphin show was my favorite part - it was really amazing.

The theatrical part was more of a filler and a little cheesy, but the actual dolphins - amazing.  Such beautiful animals.

One of my favorite pictures.

Whale shark.

These two penguins were swimming right in front of us, looking straight at the girls for a few minutes.  It was pretty neat.

Leopard seal and beluga whales.

Chess loves petting the sting rays and other animals you can touch.

Lera is very timid about touching any animals, but she finally stuck her finger in to feel this spiny guy.

The required walk through the gift shop on our way out.  We took pictures with our favorite stuffed animals!

Centennial Olympic Park play area.

Hmmm, how does this door work?

Here we go!

Back at Phillips Arena for the Sesame Street show.

Love this one!

Elmo can't stop singing!  It was a cute show.

We had such a fun family day.  They are my favorite people to do things with.