Sunday, June 22, 2014

Utah Road Trip, Part One: From GA to Utah

We left our house at 1:00 am, all wired and unable to sleep.  The girls drifted back to sleep a couple hours into the trip.  Here they are enjoying lunch in the car.  We drove 15 hours this first day, and it was probably the easiest day of driving.  It went by quickly b/c we left in the night and all our car activities were new and exciting.

We decided to stop in St. Louis to stretch our legs and see the Arch.

Nap time for both girls once we were back on the road.

They read books, colored, and played.  I packed a lot of fun activities and games.  The back seat was like an explosion after that first day, and it stayed that way for most of the trip!

We made it to Omaha, NE!  We had dinner at Mary and Clint's and spent the night with them.  Good thing I called a few hours before we got there, b/c Mary thought we were coming the next day!

The next day we drove 14 hours.  We found an A&W at a Sinclair station in the middle of nowhere, and enjoyed some root beer freezes.

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Whitmire Family said...

Whew! That's a lot of driving. The girls were troopers to sit that long!