Friday, September 19, 2008

Quirks out in the Open Tag...

I've been tagged! The Rules are... tell about 6 quirks of yours and then Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.

1. I never step on the drain while in the shower. I'm not sure what it is, I guess I feel like it's the dirtiest place because everything goes down there (or gets stuck there).

2. I always eat sandwiches, hamburgers, etc. around the outside edges first, saving the middle for last.

3. I like my body to be even. For example, I can't have just one foot outside of the covers and I try to chew evenly on both sides of my mouth.

4. I am very picky about my grocery list. There are sections for produce, cold, frozen, and aisles, and I try to put everything in order of how the store is set up.

5. I love reading instruction manuals and will read them all the way through (usually) before using the product. ex. board games, baby stuff, electronics, crest white strips, you name it!

6. I can't stand to make (or see) grammatical errors. The ones that really get me: your/you're and its/it's. I reread everything and will go back and edit, even if I notice it in a blog post from a month ago. So if you notice an error please leave a comment and tell me!

I tag anyone who reads this and would like to participate.


Whitmire Family said...

I am with you on #6! Maybe it's a teacher thing, I drives me crazy (when it's mixed up). Andrea always sent me her college papers to edit and I must be weird b/c I liked doing it.

Whitmire Family said...

You said to let you know if errors are found on your blog, well I noticed one. On your Blog List on the left hand side, you have "Crafty and Tastey" should be 'Tasty' (no 'e' in there) :-)

Kearl said...

Those were hilarious. Don't read my blog for grammatical (and especially spelling) errors, because I'm the worse. I loved the even thing and the shower thing especially.

Mary said...

I thought of two more quirks of yours. You put pasta in the water before it boils, and you wash your feet everynight before you get into bed. (do you still do that?) Maybe those are normal, but they are a little quirky to me! And as you know, I have plenty myself.