Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How many tries?

Question: How many tries does it take to get a good photo of five kids five and under?
Answer: More than I have shown below, but these are the funniest ones.

a little fidgety

Where are you going, Will?

My favorite - look at Lera.

Emma's eyes are closed.

No tummies exposed, please.

Ahhhhhhh.....pretty good.

Amy, Andrea and I got a good work out while capturing these pictures for part of Momma's Mother's Day present. We're glad she likes it!

And, here are two of my lovelies, because it's my blog and I can.


Brittney said...

I'm actually impressed you got a good one. I usually just end up throwing in the towel and walk away in a tiff. :)

I love the black and whites of the girls. Lera's eyes are especially beautiful in her pic.

Bowman Family said...

I with Brittney on this one, you guys did a great job.

libbysupermom said...

Love the pic's!!! Sorry it was so hard to get a good pic of them all...It is the perfect present for Mimi for mother's day though!!!! I love love love the gift!!
Thanks again!!! It is awesome and looks great in my hall!!!