Thursday, November 11, 2010


My precious little 80's rockers are ready to go.

Even cuter from the back.

Arriving at the church trunk-or-treat.

Me with the girls and the bags I made them.

Always on the move.

Getting candy from our friend, Melissa.

With Daddy.

Favorite candy: suckers.  Why do kids like suckers so much?  I guess it's so the moms can eat all the chocolate.

The next day we headed to the square to do some trick-or-treating at businesses.

Lera's first sucker.

She would not release her grip on that thing until it was gone.

Chess had to have one, too, of course.

We're so glad Mimi could come with us!


Brittney said...

LOVED their costumes. LOVE everything you make. You are one talented lady!

libbysupermom said...

They are so adorable!! They remind me of my girls in the 80's.....Love you Ali! Mom

Mary said...

My kids love the suckers too. Audrey even just sucks the stick. Your girls look very cute! I love the wagon by the way, i think i am going to ask Santa for one.