Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is a picture of me and my parents exactly 30 years ago.

This is the year of 3's. Chess just turned 3, me 30, and Jared 33.

I have now lived three decades. We'll see if some "switch" happens and I start feeling more mature. Maybe now I will listen to talk radio or get news from somewhere other than facebook* (I know that is sad).

To document this special day, I am making a list of 30 things - things I like or have accomplished or just random facts. You will not hurt my feelings if you don't want to read this list.

1. I am named after my dad - his middle name is Allison. My name has one "L" b/c in the baby book my parents read, the boy version of Allison had two, and the girl version of Alison had one.

2. I am also named after my grandmother (her maiden name) and great-grandmother (her married last name). My middle name is Joy.

3. I love my thermos water bottle. I use it every day and carry it with me everywhere.

4. I love my job as a mom. I would not trade if for anything.

5. I don't step on the drain when I take a shower. I think it's gross.

6. I wanted to be a veterinarian for years when I was little. It was in middle or high school that I decided I wanted to be a teacher.

7. I got my first cavity this year, at 29 years old.

8. I love to create and make something beautiful out of something old or messed up.

9. I love Jared.

10. I was a cheerleader in middle and high school.

11. I went skydiving twice.

12. I have the best parents and parents-in-law ever.

13. I am addicted to chapstick.

14. I loved my pets growing up, but don't want any now.

15. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series and the Chronicles of Narnia.

16. I am a very picky eater.

17. I have the best girls imaginable. Have I mentioned I love being a mom?

18. I love going to plays.

19. I change clothes as soon as I walk in the door to be more comfortable. Even if I'm wearing jeans - jeans are not comfortable to me. I'm talking elastic waist - oh yeah.

20. My eyes used to be blue when I was little. Now they are blue around the pupil, then a ring of green, then yellow around the edges. I usually just say green for short.

21. I am terrible at history. The only class I ever got a B in in high school was U.S. History with Mr. Coffee.

22. I love gymnastics. I took as a kid, for cheerleading, and classes in college. It is also my favorite sport to watch.

23. I have worn a size 10 shoe since I was in 6th grade.

24. I gave birth to two huge babies naturally.

25. I don't have a big desire to be a world traveler. It would be neat to see the world, but I'm happy going driving distances mostly (I would love to go to Hawaii though).

26. It is hard to think of 30 things about yourself.

27. I taught 3rd grade for four years in a very low-income school. I loved my sweet kids there.

28. It has been way too long since I have seen Tommy Boy (got rid of the VHS tapes).

29. I currently teach the nursery kids at church.

30. I am looking forward to the next 30 years!

*I also get news from Jared. He is very good at keeping me up-to-date on the most important things going on in the world.


Clint and Mary said...

I am so. glad. you did this. I was thinking about it and if I had to make a list of 30 things about you, I think I would have been able to come up with almost half of these on my own!

Clint and Mary said...

oh yea...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:)

The Saxton's said...

Nice! I think you only said a couple of those because we were talking about it the other day though! Fat guy in a little coat...

libbysupermom said...

Awesome post Ali! I enjoyed reading all your Ali facts!! I must say you probably got #19 from me.:)

Brittney said...

I love lists like this. I'm sure you will enjoy looking back at this in a couple years and seeing how much you've changed even in a short period of time. I do this on my b-day as well and I get such a kick out of reading them now. I don't feel like I ever change but my lists would say otherwise. :)

Happy 30th and many, many more to you!