Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happenings at Home

The girls have enjoyed painting lately, and sometimes I get in on the action.  They have even been known to get out the paints and brushes, fill the cups with water, and start their masterpieces, all before I even know what they're up to.  They are getting so big and independent.

Playing outside!  We have loved it with this beautiful fall weather.  We are out every day enjoying the mid 70's and all our outside toys.

This little velcro game got stuck in Chess's hair.  It made me laugh. :)

Dress up.  The usual dress up consists of tutus and leotards, but I got Chess to put on these scrubs and she had fun with her doctor kit examining me and Lera.  Isn't she the cutest little doctor you ever saw - with her little tool (not sure what it's called) in her front pocket?

We are still doing Momma School, but we have had some major failures.  I thought Chess would love this pumpkin matching game (upper and lower case letters), so I spent a lot of time cutting and making it.  Well, she did not love it, and refused to do it.  After much regret, we just put the game away.  She likes most of the games we play and activities we do, so it's not all failures.

Lovely Lera.  This girl is hilarious and always keeps me on my toes.  She is really starting to talk and is as rough and tumble as ever.

Although having little cooks in the kitchen is trying on my patience, I think it's important, so we have been making a few treats around here.


Will not sit still.  Snacks all over the house.  Enough said.

At least one child likes getting her picture taken with me.  I think Lera has my green eyes.

Crazy climbers.

Lera put something up to her mouth and got a nice little rounded mustache.

Here we are "watching" conference.  It was hard for me to get much out of it this time around.  I wonder why?

We'll end with a craft the kids actually did love.  I got these foam pumpkins last year for about $0.40 and I cut out black shapes, so the girls made their own jack-o-lanterns and glued them in place.  So much fun.

Overall, I love my life and my family.  We are blessed.


Cynthia and Joe said...

Alison you have such a beautiful family!

Kathy said...

I love the pics!!!! It looks like y'all are having all sorts of adventures! What a great mommy you are!!! I sure do love and miss you all!!!!!

libbysupermom said...

Ali, I love that you are painting with the girls! Glad you put Chess in the scrubs with her Dr set. Very cute!
Sweet pic of you and Lera. Very natural smiles!
Fun post!! Makes me smile! :)