Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lera's Birthday Party

We had Lera's party at a little pumpkin patch called Kinsey Family Farm.  It was the perfect weather and a great environment for my little two-year-old's family party.

I have had some people ask me about the cake.  The tutorial for the rose cake is here.  I thought is was so pretty.  I just added a little yellow food coloring to match Lera's outfit.  It was easy to make, too, and mistakes aren't very noticeable.

Look at this cute girl.  Chips in both hands.

Couldn't get a good picture of both girls with the pumpkins.

Lera loved pulling the wagons around everywhere.

The hayride.

They had some goats and cows to pet and feed.

We had a great time.   Thank you, family, for coming and for the awesome gifts.  Lera loves all of them and has been sharing nicely with Chess (who says it's almost her birthday, even though it's six months away). :)


Mary said...

Very fun party. Awesome pumpkin patch. Your cake is VERY impressive! I read the tutorial, and it still seems difficult to do. You have got some talent!!

libbysupermom said...

We had so much fun! It was a perfect day!!
The cake was not only beautiful, it was also most delicious!! You are quite the chef my little Ali girl!! Must have gotten your talent from Nan-Naw...she was quite the chef in her day!
Love you!! Momma

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