Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Pictures

My kind and talented sister, Andrea, took some family pictures for us last week.  I think they turned out pretty good, considering some uncooperative participants.

1. Put this one on our Christmas cards.  Chess's face is not happy, but I think this may be my favorite.

2. You'll notice that a certain three-year-old did not want her picture taken.

3. This was going on a lot during the photo shoot.

4. This is definitely the best as far as our faces, but I don't like the background as good as #1.

5. Lera was happy as long as I was holding her.

6. Playing = happy Chess

7. Candid

8. Sliding

So, which would you put on your wall?  #1, #2, or #4?

Thanks, Andrea, for taking the pictures!


The Saxton's said...

You're welcome! I like #2. I think it's funny that Jared said he was done smiling near the end and at the time I thought "but he hasn't been smiling this whole time" and then I look back at the photos and see that he actually WAS smiling in the earlier photos!

libbysupermom said...

I agree with you Ali....I think #1 is my favorite because of the background. I like your faces better in #4, but not the background. They are all beautiful though!! Andrea did a Great job!!

Clint and Mary said...

I like #1!!! Too late? sorry. haven't checked blogs in a while:(