Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween - Trunk or Treat

The girls costumes are based on the show "Super Why" about some little super readers who go into storybooks and help the characters while learning a lesson at the same time.  We love the show around here.

My little Wonder Red.

My little Princess Presto.

Getting ready to go to the church for trunk or treating.

Holy cupcakes!

We all took turns making funny faces.

Chess took this picture of me.

Pure joy and delight after getting some candy in her bag.

The trunk or treating turned into hallway treating because of rain.

Happy Halloween!

Lera got only a foot in the door before dropping down to check out her candy.

For some reason, lolly pops are the favorite.
I'll take the chocolate any day.
And I did.


Heidi said...

Same with my girls. They fight over the hard candy and I happily take the candy bars.

Cute costumes! We like Super Why too :)

libbysupermom said...

Ali, You did a wonderful job making the outfits for the girls!! You really out-did yourself this year!! They are really really awesome!! :)