Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some things that I've made...

Whenever I see plain t-shirts for the girls on clearance, I snatch them up.  This fall, I had some long-sleeved shirts that needed a little something extra.  I made this tree shirt for Chess using lots of fabric scraps I have piled up.

I have two nephews, so I tried my hand at making some boy items.  Little ties!  Aren't they cute?  The bigger ties are made from this tutorial.  It was really good and really easy to follow.  The little ones are adapted from a tutorial that I can't remember right now.  It is just a tie shape cut out and stitched together with two fabrics.

Wasn't I cut out to be a model?  I was getting all dramatic in this photo shoot.  I finally made myself an apron!  I have been wanting to for awhile, so I checked out a book from the library and followed a pattern in it.  It is meant to be reversible, but I plan on just using one side of it.  I especially love how the tie wraps around and ties in the front.

Last thing for today - marshmallow shooters!  I followed a youtube video to learn how to make these.  They are easy, so I made one for each member of the family.  The girls had a little spit problem in their guns, but Jared and I got pretty crazy shooting each other.  Let's just say a marshmallow to the neck does not feel very good!

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libbysupermom said...

Love the shirt, ties and apron!! What a beautiful model you are!! Don't really know about the marshmallow shooter though.....ouch.