Thursday, October 4, 2012

Joy School

Along with starting soccer this month, Chess has also started joy school.  It is a little preschool co-op that five other moms and I participate in.  It is Chess's first school experience, and she was beyond ready!  We only do it twice a week, for a few hours, and we rotate houses each week.  Chess LOVES it!  She always asks what day she has school and wants to go to her friends' houses as much as possible.  

These pictures are from her first day of school.


These are from her second day.  She's wearing the preschool shirt the kids made.

It has been easy adjusting to her being gone a couple of times a week.  Lera and I go shopping, play, and do whatever else needs to be done.  She loves the time alone!  Even though she loves playing with Chess, she gets really excited to have the toys all to herself and do what she wants with them.

I am trying to savor this year, because next year Chess will be in kindergarten all day long.  I am dreading it, but I know she will do great.  My little social butterfly.  She loves school.

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