Monday, October 29, 2012

Lera is 3!

My sweet, spunky, feisty little girl turned three last week.  Lera is such a fun person to have around, we often forget how little she is.

Three is a hard age to be.  Emotions and opinions are strong.  The lows are very low, but the highs are very high, and therefore, completely worth it.

Lera is full of energy and is in a constant state of motion.  She is the most difficult child to photograph.  When I take her picture, I usually ask her, "Can you please be still and look at me at the same time?"  It's a rare occurance.

She is very sweet and good at sharing.  This is in her nature.  She almost always shares snacks and toys and anything else she has with Chess without being asked.  Lera is a giver.

Lera is extremely clumsy, and also extremely tough.  Those two things go well together.  She falls all the time, and basically just bounces back.  If she starts crying, I know she really got hurt.

We love our Lera so much!  Happy Birthday!

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