Friday, September 27, 2013

Aquatic Center

Our county has a lot of aquatic centers.  We usually go once in the winter to one of the indoor centers, but we decided to check out a different one while it was still warm.

Our main motivation in going was that Chess wanted to jump off a real diving board.  This place had a good, springy one and Chess loved it!  She was so brave.  She just walked up to the end and took the plunge!

She has really improved in her swimming this summer, and you have to be able to swim to jump off the diving board.  I was so proud watching her pop up and swim to the ladder, and with a smile on her face, too!

Daddy and Momma had a fun time jumping off the diving board, as well.  I couldn't get any good action shots with my cell phone camera.

The outdoor play structures were really fun, and the girls had a blast.  You can see some water slides in the background.  Lera has been JUST under 42 inches all summer.  She has missed out on a few fun things, such as these water slides because of it.  I mean, her head ALMOST scraps the post, but everyone has been a stickler on height, so she had to go down the stairs instead of the slide (this also happened at Lanier World water park and the aquarium's play area).  Next summer, Lera!

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