Monday, September 2, 2013

Kindergarten for Chess

It has begun.  We have a kindergartener.  Chess absolutely loves school.  She was counting down about 10 days before school started.  I miss my big girl so much, but she has a wonderful teacher and just loves every minute she's there.

This is after going to open house.  Chess was nervous and a little scared when meeting her teacher.  But she quickly felt better once she started talking to her.

I made Chess's first day shirt.  I chopped off the leggings and used the material to make a bow for the shirt and hair ties to match.

Lera and I walked Chess in on the first morning.  She had a nervous smile on her face, but I gave her a hug and kiss and quickly left before I started crying.  I cried once we got home.  It was a lousy day for me, but...

She came out smiling!  I wish this picture wasn't blurry.  I hugged my girl so tight.  I started crying again on the way home, so relieved she was back with me and that she had a good day.

Second day

Yep, Lera's still in a nightgown!  We only lasted one day of getting everyone dressed and ready that early.

Third day

Fourth day

Fifth day

When she came home on this day, I noticed she has a loose tooth!  There is a new tooth coming in behind it, so that's how I saw it.  It's still loose, but I'll let you know when the tooth fairy comes!

Sixth day - Not wanting to be photographed this day, and Lera dressed herself.

Seventh day

Eighth day

And that's all, folks.  The other day Chess asked me why I wasn't taking pictures of her anymore.  I said the first week and a half seemed like good documentation of the beginning of the school year to me.

Lera and I have been keeping busy and enjoying the end of summer together.  She is a good helper and plays really well by herself, too.  I'm so thankful I have her for two years before she starts kindergarten herself.  We have been working on letters, coloring and writing, playing, walking, shopping, and all kinds of things.  We are all adjusting well to this new schedule.  I love my sweet family.

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