Monday, November 11, 2013

Consolidated Gold Mine

We took the girls to Dahlonega to see if we could strike it rich by finding gold!

Our tour guide showed us where the gold used to be.  I guess we got there a little too late to strike it rich.

We did see a small underground waterfall that was pretty cool.

Chess danced and galloped through the mine.

We learned a lot, saw some bats sleeping, then climbed out of the mine.

We were given another chance to find some gold!  The girls are holding their tokens to do some gold panning.

Ready to find some gold nuggets.

This nice man did some magic and pulled gemstones out of the girls' ears!

Panning is hard work.

Chess did it mostly by herself.

We found some!  It didn't make us rich, but we sure had a good time! :)

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The Saxton's said...

I love the face Chess is making in the picture with the old man. She's all like "for real??"