Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet!

This is the first year the girls chose their own costume ideas without my persuasive input.  I really wanted them to be Cinderella in the rag dress and Ariel in the "Kiss the Girl" dress, but they were not having that.  Lera said she would be Cinderella in the rag dress next year, Cinderella in the blue dress the next year, Rapunzel the next year, etc. etc.  Basically, she has her whole childhood figured out, as far as Halloween costumes go.

The girls LOVED getting make-up and sparkly tattoos on their faces!


Jedis and droids.

Chess was holding Raven's hand, so Lera wanted to hold Saryn's hand.

Still choosing suckers as their candy to eat first!

Happy Halloween!

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The Saxton's said...

Meow? More like me-ow, lol.