Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Rice Cereal

We fed Chess her first meal of rice cereal last week and she absolutely LOVES it! Each day I make a little bit more than the day before and she eats it all up. She can't get enough! She is so good at opening her mouth wide. She gets really eager if Jared and I aren't fast enough. We definitely have ourselves a healthy little eater!

I love how her little hands are clasping Jared's. She tries to grab and pull it to her mouth faster!

I forgot the bib for the first feeding, but I have remembered it ever since.


Mary said...

Did you end up making the rice cereal yourself? And did you use your boob milk to mix in with the rice? I always thought that was too funny when books told you to squirt some milk in with the rice cereal.

Amy said...

I love the picture of her grabbing Jared's hand and her mouth wide open! She's like, "hurry up Dad!"