Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching Up on Randomness

Chess is still intrigued by shadows.

She is now crawling everywhere. Yes, actually crawling. No more army crawl.

an ever-popular activity

a favorite place in the mornings

She never has seemed to mind coldness.

another towel I made
It's supposed to be a bug, but Jared calls it an alien.

This is first time she stood in her crib a few weeks ago. My friend Melody's baby just did it at 5 months. Oh well!

She likes to cuddle up under Daddy's armpits, legs, etc. when he's on the floor with her.

playing in Mimi and Poppy's playroom

having so much fun with Mimi

I love this one.

purse/bag made for Bailey's birthday

She liked it.


Libby said...

Awwww, soooo sweet!! These pics are precious! She is Ali reincarnated! She looks so much like you!
I have a pic of Ali standing in her baby bed with Amy, and the pic of Chess in her bed looks just like you!!
I loved the laugh that she had when I put the balloon on her face! It was precious!
Love y'all, Mom


Melodys baby is on speed or crack...LOL! She is growing up too fast!