Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I went to a huge consignment sale last week and got lots of great stuff for a total of $83. I am a nerd, I know, but here it all is:

Chess doesn't even wear shoes yet, but these were all so cute, I couldn't resist. She'll wear them when she walks in a few months, right? I forgot to include some black patent leather mary janes.

Onesies, anyone?

cute dress and jumper

shirts and shorts for this summer
My motto is: plain is best.


Chess loves board books so much.

These have been so much fun for all three members of the family. Jared builds beautiful towers.


Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Cool! I went to one of those once here in AZ and I got some cute stuff for Rocklin and would do it again in a heartbeat. As a side note...I'm still ticked off at the lady who swipped the little baby boy Puma's for $5 right out of my hands and said she had them first....stupid lady). In fact, I'm about to hit up a couple of thrift stores to try my luck in the kids section. Wish me luck! And Chess will definatly get good use out of all those shoes. I HATE paying full price for kids shoes because they just grow out of them in like a month!

Heidi said...

I remember loving consignment sales when my girls were little! Scott and I didn't have any money at all for YEARS!!!!!! I remember being so thrilled to fine the prettiest dresses for Sarah and Lindsey. (OOOOh and the shoesss they had sooo many shoes!) Little baby girls don't wear out their clothes and you can always find the coolest stuff. Unfortunately those days are gone :( They would sooner die than hit Goodwill :)And there are no consignment sales for teenagers except Plato's closet.