Sunday, February 8, 2009

I made some more stuff.

I hope you people who read my blog (all 3 of you) don't mind that I post about the things I make. I get such pleasure out of creating something: working hard on it and seeing the finished project. This is not my first post about things I've made and I know it won't be the last!

Hooded Froggy Towel

Chess is extremely too big for her baby towels, so I made this one. The basic pattern I used is here.


Happy early birthday to my sister Andrea! Find instructions here (only adapt sizes for an adult - duh).

End Table (I mean box) Covers

Yes, we use food storage boxes as our end tables. No link for this one - I created it out of my own mind which is much more difficult to do. That's why these are uneven and very sloppy.


I know twin boys turning one soon, and I've been wanting to make some bibs, so here they are. They are Georgia fans if you can't tell. And yes, I know the black one is misshapen!

They packaged up quite nicely though, I think.

Fabric Coasters

I have never found coasters I liked that I was willing to pay for. Then I came across this blog entry.

Yep, they work!


Mary said...

Wow. You are so crafty and talented. Am I one of the 3 that read your blog? I love seeing your projects. I wish I could sew. I love those baby legs that you had made a little while ago. I need to look through your blog to see how to make them.

Kearl said...

Don't worry, more than 3 people read your blog. Some just aren't comment people. Keep the entries of your craftiness coming. I love them! The towel and coasters looks so professional.

Whitmire Family said...

I love looking at everything you've made! I meant to ask you about your "end tables" I noticed them on Friday...they are very cute! It's a good way to make your living room more inviting without spending a lot of money. I love the froggy towel! Everything looks are truly talented.

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

You better not stop posting your cute, crafty projects! You inspire me to sew!! It's funny because just last night I googled "hooded towel tutorials" and I saw that cute frog one. I have a lot of friends having babies this spring, so I'm in the process of making hooded towels, baby blankets and binky clips. Anyway, the towel you made turned out so cute!

Cheril Lunt said...

Thanks for posting all the cute stuff... Although I have now concluded that I am no longer crafty... I had to have a young women explain what tracing paper was... man oh man it makes sewing SOOOO much eaiser.... Anyway, LOVE reading your blog but of course I am a non commenter a lot of the time... i will try to comment more often as long as you keep posting ;)

Anonymous said...

See more than three people read your blog! And we love to see the things you make! You're so crafty and I just love it!

Love ya,

GA MTNS said...

Love the towel and bibs, "Mrs. Crafty!!"


I think a ton read your blog....maybe 2 read mine...LOL! Very creative!