Monday, May 4, 2009

First Cabbage Patch Kid

Georgia is the home of the Cabbage Patch Kids, so it was only a matter of time before Chess got her first one. Thanks Mimi and Poppy!

Notice the order of events below. Chess loves her new baby and stroller/walker, but does not think they belong together. Whenever I put the baby in the stroller she yanks it right out.


libbysupermom said...

That is so funny!! Glad she likes them both...even though not together. You gotta have a cabbage patch baby if you live in GA, I think it's a unwritten law.
We love y'all!! Mom and Dad

The Shaws said...

I love that I have been to the cabbage patch museum!

dorothy said...

Oh, Chess is so darling - this is such a fun time, when they are first learning to walk ! Say, Jared.....guess you have heard that Tamra is pregnant ( a tad over 3 months along ) She will find out what it is later in June or first of July. We will be all tripping up there for the 4th of July to see her for her birthday (the 12th ) - can't wait to be grandparents!! Well , enjoy your little Chess -they grow up so fast!! Love, Aunt Dorothy