Thursday, May 7, 2009


We had Chess's one year doctor's appointment today. She likes her doctor because she's very friendly and always talks directly to Chess and interacts with her. She's getting a little more touchy about being poked and proded, though. She screamed when the nurse measured her - I think because the nurse didn't talk to her or try to tell her what she was doing - she just did her thing. Chess can be very sensitive (I wonder where she gets that from?). She didn't like when the doctor looked in her mouth and ears, but other than that, she was fine...until the shots, of course. She was okay once we were in the car and I started sharing my ice with her (a great distraction that she loves).

Weight: 26 lbs 10 oz - 95th percentile

Height: 31.75 inches - 95th percentile

I didn't realize Chess was that tall, but then again, looking at the pictures with her and Eli, I can see it. The doctor said she would fuss at us for her weight being so high if her height wasn't right up there with it. She is very proportional and healthy. The doctor said she is perfect, and I agree!


Clint and Mary said...

Thank goodness she is in the 95th percentile! I was getting worried about Eli after those pictures!

libbysupermom said...

I also have to agree with the Dr, that she is perfect(but, I am just a little prejudice)!! Glad she had a good one year check up and all is well with her!!! She is a beauty!!
Love, Mom

reokii said...

I'm in 346 percentile!
I agree, Chess is "perfect"!
Just like Ali!!!