Tuesday, May 26, 2009


She's on the move.

I finally squeezed her feet into some shoes.

Chess, what are you doing with those rocks?


She still fits in her swing.

And she still likes it.


Mary said...

Jack loves to swing too!

John said...
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Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Such cute pictures. I love Chess and haven't even met her yet. :)

Henckel House said...

Go to Dollar General and find her some baby imitation crocs. I found some for Benjamin and I kind of wish I had gotten a bigger size. I truly can't remember if there are any Dollar Generals near you, but for some reason they apparently regenerate on their own here in the sticks. The shoes were $4. I may just go ahead and buy a bigger size for next year. They slip on quite easily because of how wide they are. However this fact also means he can take them off - but he only remembers this when he is still - usually in the car

GA MTNS said...

how so very cute

i love her
(i think i love her too much)